Tiger Eye Bracelet Men’s

Tiger’s eye gemstone represents vitality, action taking and career success. It helps individuals be grounded, focused and calm in achieving their dreams and taking action. Tiger’s eye is a solar gemstone and it stimulates various chakras to energize the body. The stone gives power, strength and bravery to the wearer and a tiger eye bracelet is mens and women’s best choice to show their difference and assertiveness. Tiger’s eye stone is especially beneficial for those who want to climb career steps quickly.

Tiger eye bracelet meaning is that it is a symbol of luck and good fortune and it helps its wearers attract a steady flow of income. With its properties, it is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and for those who are starting up their businesses. The stone is also a good choice for people who are planning a major change in their career.

Tiger eye gemstone lends the properties of the tiger animal to humans. Tigers have keen senses and they are very creative animals that can improvise when hunting. Therefore, wearing or carrying a tiger’s eye gemstone increases perception and insight in unknown environments such as a work deal you are unfamiliar with or a place you have never been to. One of the tiger eye bracelet benefits is that it sharpens the senses and help see the details that none other can. Just like a tiger can see a bird’s flapping wings in detail when it is focused, a wearer of tiger eye gemstone can notice things which are impossible to see for other people. Wearing a tiger eye stone bracelet will help you prepare for the unknown and take action when necessary.

Tiger’s eye gemstone helps think outside of the box and be creative in solving problems. It brings out the creativity of its wearers and not be afraid to try new things. As a support stone, tiger’s eye gemstone helps overcome the fear that can happen during important exams, public speeches or presentations. The stone lends determination and courage to its wearers and helps them overcome difficult situations. Tiger’s eye is also known for its property to increase vitality and maintaining a balance in every part of the body. The stone is thought to be a blood fortifier and to benefit from it tiger eye stone should have contact with skin. Therefore, wearing a tiger eye bracelet is a sure way to benefit from the stone’s properties.

The real tiger eye bracelet products are unisex and thus can be used by both genders. The tiger eye gemstone bracelets are all handmade and specially designed. The metal used in tiger eye bracelets are silver and the coating of silver details are top quality. Tiger eyes stones used in the bracelets are %100 real and thanks to the products’ elastic design, they can fit any wrist. Tiger eye bead bracelet and stone bracelet are an ideal choice to boost your assertiveness and to stand out in the crowd. Tiger’s eye bracelet is a perfect gift both for you and your loved ones on special occasions. There is also international free shipping option for the bracelets.