Onyx Stone

Onyx is a precious stone of high preference for all kinds of accessories. It was used in ancient times to ornament necklaces, bracelets, and rings especially during royal ceremonies due to its pure origin – its deep black colour with white ribbons circulating the stone. Although onyx stone was considered to be the bad luck stone that keeps old memories and grief, its particular types are used nowadays in contradictory meaning.

Composition and Colour Varieties of Onyx

Onyx is known to be a variety of Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline form of Quartz, which is full of layers. It is black in colour with a dense and hard structure. Onyx stone properties are characterized by white parallel stripes revolving around the stone surface. Of course, there are several colour combinations for onyx varieties such as sardonyx, reddish-brown base blended with white ribbons or chalcedony, that is chalcedony formation with white onyx bands on it. It is used in many artificial treatments in forms such as onyx opal, green onyx or Mexican onyx. These different forms are usually composed of various materials such as calcite, aragonite, opal or dyed Chalcedony to reflect the banded layers of onyx, yet with more curved stripes or dyed compositions. Black Onyx, being the most popular gemstone originated from this precious stone, has two various forms called matte onyx and the bright onyx stone. The polished surface of the black base creates bright onyx variation, preferred in a large number of bracelet choices while matte onyx stone never loses its popularity in contemporary designs.

Relieve from the Past by Black Onyx

Onyx is far from being a gemstone to use just as an ornamental figure but it has a much deeper meaning for those who would love to be detached of disappointing memories. What onyx stone meaning is a summary of three concepts: Peace, harmony, and love. The term onyx originates from the word ¨onux¨ in Greek, meaning claw or fingernail, symbolizing an episode of the myth in which God Apollo cut off Aphrodite’s fingernails while she was sleeping on the ground. This harsh meaning combined with the original colour of black was also associated with demon-like behaviours, nightmares, and bad luck. This power has made the onyx stone a symbol of the creation of Leo, the zodiac sign, with a full relation to the planet Saturn.

In contrast to ancient use, the onyx stone benefits the relationship with inner peace. It is considered to be a relief object for a disappointed person. Onyx neutralizes the negativity and even leads to positive emotions by detaching the person from his/her sorrowful past. This change brings out self-harmony while nourishing love and hope for future success.

The elegance of Onyx Beaded Necklace and Bracelets

Onyx gemstone is a preference of both men and women who see this gemstone more than an ornamental material. The metropolitan look is easily complemented by a bright onyx necklace or onyx beaded bracelet. This ease of use and conformity occupy the concept beneath the majority of Cocobracelet onyx stone bracelets and necklaces. The whole of Cocobracelet onyx models comprises totally natural gemstones combined with high-quality silver. As they are designed for unisex use, the models are easily adapted to both casual and formal dressing styles. Those onyx stone necklaces and bracelets reflect flavour, elegance, and dominance of the person wearing them.