Mens Macrame Bracelet

If you love minimalism in jewelry, macramé knot bracelet patterns are for you! Macrame bracelet models are preferred by women as well as men. Lightness and easy use of bracelets are the reasons why men also prefer them. All the macramé bracelets are handmade and unique. They are designed with natural stones so that the wrists offer a very stylish image. The rope of the bracelets are coated with beeswax and all could be adjusted to your own wrist size.

A Wide Range of Macrame Bracelet Beads

Men macramé bracelet models are perfect for the ones who want to look both stylish and sportive. The bracelets which could be worn in daily life are also very suitable for a special night or event. The variety of macrame bracelet beads offers a wide range for appealing styles. The attractive beads include special and valuable stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, onyx, red tiger eye. The patterns with these stones are designed with hematite stone and presented with a very stylish style. Among the stones, rose gold and silver are also used in production. Men who cannot give up on using gold or silver in their jewelry mostly prefer the designs with these stones. Macrame bracelet beads have two kinds as matte and bright. While bright beads, mixed with gold or a silver detail, offers much shiny looking, matte macramé bracelet beads’ shining comes from the gold’s or silver’s stone.

Choose Your Design, Shine With Your Style

The sizes of men’s macramé bracelet patterns differ for any choice. While some men would prefer to wear bracelets with big size beads, some others prefer the small, minimal ones. There are macramé bracelet patterns for every taste. One of the most preferred models is the ones with circular beads. The rope of the bracelets are not only full of the beads with a gold detail but also could be rarely lined up on the waxed rope. The models with rare beads mostly use hematite stones between the other stones. Therefore, very unique and original designs come out. Some models also use just two beads but give place to nice gold or silver charm in the center of the rope. So, the design is much more consist of macramé knots and minimal and shining detail in the center. In contrast to the macramé bracelets with circuit beads, some models have square, angular designs. Men who would like to wear angular jewelry mostly prefer the bracelets with square hematite stones or special cut hematite ones. In these models the stones can cover the entire rope or the half rope could be macramé knot and the rest could cover the stone.

Adjustable Size, Different Colors

One of the best specials of these macrame bracelets is the easy use. Macrame bracelet could be adjusted to any size of the wrist so both thick and thin wrist men can wear very easily. Therefore, you can also give the bracelets as a gift to your loved ones. You do not have to worry about their wrists’ sizes. Macrame bracelet models also vary according to their color. Colorful macrame bracelet patterns are preferred by men who like to wear colorful jewelry. They can choose colorful natural stones and colorful waxed ropes too. Black, grey, blue, dark blue, red tones are quite popular. The patterns with gunmetal balls, rose gold balls, silver balls also changes the bracelets’ design color.