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In metropolitan life, men’s powerful, self-confident style is a combination of decisive manner and a stylish look perfected by carefully selected cool bracelets for men. Cocobracelet favors elegant touches on core minerals to create inspirational models for males to reflect their energy, strength and passion. What makes male’s bracelets designed by this brand mostly preferred is the nature of the beads used as well as their modern interpretations by their professional designers. Beaded bracelets, macramé bracelets and leather bracelets are highly preferred as stylistic men’s accessories created with the special Cocobracelet taste.

There is a large variety of elements used in men’s jewelry bracelets including amethyst, onyx, lavastone and hematite which are designed in various shapes and sizes. The most attractive ones usually comprise labradorite shield beads, lapis lazuli lion beads, cat’s eye and skull beads. In models with hematite beads, there are varying combinations of other semi-precious stones such as onyx, turquoise and lapis lazuli. In custom bracelets for men, 6 mm natural and special cut hematite stone or lapis lazuli is combined with others, just to activate the integrated energy. The gunmetal plated sterling silver is used in these accessories as well as logo enameled balls. In some of the macramé bracelets, 12-mm wax-coated black rope is used to construct an elastic but strong chain to keep that metallic energy in the core.

Different categories of men’s charm bracelets emerge not just for their beautiful beads and chic designs but also for their healing properties. They usually transfer energy, reinforce empathy, keep harmony and maintain a warrior’s soul during climactic situations in business life and private circles. Each stone has its own relieving or refreshing feature so that the designer bracelets also function as a strong medium to transmit that power to the person.

The healing properties of precious and semi-precious gemstones make these men’s designer bracelets favored for their therapy-like power. Hematite, onyx and amethyst are widely preferred elements in macramé and beaded bracelets for different reasons. The fluctuations in your mood are healed by Tiger’s Eye crystal therapy so that both your mind and your soul find tranquility in that stone. Bright onyx, which is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz, makes up the source of earthly power to judge more precisely. Another component originated from the Earth with the power of the soil is hematite. It is beneficial in concentrating on a specific issue and clearing up the way to see different dimensions and to predict future possibilities. Its hypertension regulatory and pain reliever characteristics also increase the popularity of hematite beaded bracelets. The positive energy is pumped up to the brain through this nice component. The last but not the least is the meditative power of amethyst. High combination of iron in amethyst recharges the energy of other natural stones if they are kept together in a vault.

Either fully beaded with precious stones or designed with less wrist bands for men, all these men’s bracelets reflect the taste and distinct features of Cocobracelet designs. The exclusiveness of men’s designer bracelets are specially patterned and cut to suit fashionable styles of men with casual or formal clothing. The gemstone beaded models usually compile both precious elements such as gold and silver with beads of semi-precious stones like crystallite, onyx and amethyst. These expensive bracelets are composed of the maximum amount of sterling silver and high amount of gold as the basic material in their chain to connect the beads and pendant figures on the item. The gold-plated designs of Cocobracelet brand offer a variety of either 925-sterling silver to reinforce the shiny and steer look of the brilliant beads. All men’s charm bracelet models are completely handmade to ensure you that each one shows the handicraft, the designer’s flavor and contemporary lines of stylistic trends. The best men’s bracelets of the brand are available online for easy shipping which is free of charge all over the world.


Leather remains the indispensable accessory of men. The attractive and elegant view of leather looks very aesthetic on bracelets too. Cocobracelet’s mens leather bracelet models use the leather material very professionally and offer a quite stylish look. All the leather bracelets are 100% handmade so all men leather bracelet models have a unique and special design. The leather material are crafted from real Italian leather. Italian leather quality can be seen on entire leather bracelets models.

Mens leather bracelet designs have chain and clasp details. The chain of all the leather bracelets are adjustable so that you can make them fit your wrist perfectly. One of the most attractive side of the bracelets is that they are braided and decorated with metal details. Hand cut and hand braided leather bracelet have clasp and chain details like rose gold, silver or gunmetal. They have also optional choices like 18 carat gold-plated models. The style of these bracelets is elegant and masculine. They are in harmony with men’s wrists so they create a great alternative as a gift to your beloved. 

Pure and Attractive Black Leather Bracelets

Boys leather bracelets have various and attractive designs according to different styles. While some men would prefer simpler design without chain details, some others would like to wear flashy designs decorated with chain and metal details around. The ones who are likely to wear simple models would prefer braided bracelets of which chains are not visible. The appearance of these bracelets consists of 925 sterling silver clasp closure and the braided part. These leather silver bracelet models have 4 mm. braided real Italian leather and have different color options according to the personal preferences. Black leather bracelets are the one of the models which the men prefer the most. These black designs decorated with silver clasp details look provocatively, pure and stylish. They can be wear with any combination in any season.

Double Braided Bracelets for A Fuller View

If you want a fuller look on your wrist, double braided leather bracelets are just for you! In these models 100% handmade braided part is longer and double so the view looks more intense on the wrist. The men who want to look neither too plain nor too flashy choose these double braided leather bracelets. Clasps for leather bracelets are the details making the design very aesthetic. 925 sterling silver clasp closure on these bracelets are the one of the most preferred models. While making leather bracelets 4 mm. double braided black real leather is used. These spectacular leather bracelets have also dark blue and red color choice for those looking for a design outside of black. No matter what color the bracelets are designed, silver clasps always make the model unique.

The Bracelets Plated With Different Metals

Mens leather bracelet models have also the ones which are patterned gun metal chain. In these bracelets the chain is more visible and the handmade braided leather consists of the most of the design. Leather is 4 mm like other models and they have gunmetal plated 925 sterling silver clasp closure. These bracelets are adjustable for whole wrist sizes and they are 100% handmade. While some models are gunmetal plated, some others are oxide plated or rose gold plated. So if you would like to wear the bracelet with rose gold chain you can prefer the rose gold plated ones. The stylish bracelets have color options. These options are black, brown, dark blue and red.

For the men who want to look either simple or elegant Cocobracelet handmade leather bracelet models are very unique choices for the wrists. The company also offers shipment free of charge all over the world.


If you love minimalism in jewelry, macramé knot bracelet patterns are for you! Macrame bracelet models are preferred by women as well as men. Lightness and easy use of bracelets are the reasons why men also prefer them. All the macramé bracelets are handmade and unique. They are designed with natural stones so that the wrists offer a very stylish image. The rope of the bracelets are coated with beeswax and all could be adjusted to your own wrist size.

A Wide Range of Macrame Bracelet Beads

Men macramé bracelet models are perfect for the ones who want to look both stylish and sportive. The bracelets which could be worn in daily life are also very suitable for a special night or event. The variety of macrame bracelet beads offers a wide range for appealing styles. The attractive beads include special and valuable stones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, onyx, red tiger eye. The patterns with these stones are designed with hematite stone and presented with a very stylish style. Among the stones, rose gold and silver are also used in production. Men who cannot give up on using gold or silver in their jewelry mostly prefer the designs with these stones. Macrame bracelet beads have two kinds as matte and bright. While bright beads, mixed with gold or a silver detail, offers much shiny looking, matte macramé bracelet beads’ shining comes from the gold’s or silver’s stone.

Choose Your Design, Shine With Your Style

The sizes of men’s macramé bracelet patterns differ for any choice. While some men would prefer to wear bracelets with big size beads, some others prefer the small, minimal ones. There are macramé bracelet patterns for every taste. One of the most preferred models is the ones with circular beads. The rope of the bracelets are not only full of the beads with a gold detail but also could be rarely lined up on the waxed rope. The models with rare beads mostly use hematite stones between the other stones. Therefore, very unique and original designs come out. Some models also use just two beads but give place to nice gold or silver charm in the center of the rope. So, the design is much more consist of macramé knots and minimal and shining detail in the center. In contrast to the macramé bracelets with circuit beads, some models have square, angular designs. Men who would like to wear angular jewelry mostly prefer the bracelets with square hematite stones or special cut hematite ones. In these models the stones can cover the entire rope or the half rope could be macramé knot and the rest could cover the stone.

Adjustable Size, Different Colors

One of the best specials of these macrame bracelets is the easy use. Macrame bracelet could be adjusted to any size of the wrist so both thick and thin wrist men can wear very easily. Therefore, you can also give the bracelets as a gift to your loved ones. You do not have to worry about their wrists’ sizes. Macrame bracelet models also vary according to their color. Colorful macrame bracelet patterns are preferred by men who like to wear colorful jewelry. They can choose colorful natural stones and colorful waxed ropes too. Black, grey, blue, dark blue, red tones are quite popular. The patterns with gunmetal balls, rose gold balls, silver balls also changes the bracelets’ design color. 


Cocobracelet is proud to present its 100% hand-made specially designed beaded bracelet collection.

Silver bracelets are designed with utmost quality. Gold and Rose pendant models are 18-carat gold plated bracelets. Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelet collection is ideal for men and women who would like to feel special and different.

The unisex collection of Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelets are ideal complimentary accessories both for the business attire and casual clothes. 

The Power of the Natural Stones

Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelet collection has special ornaments. Natural stones used for the design of the bracelets are 100% natural and specially designed.

The powerful natural stones have been used for centuries both for protection and style. Natural stones enable positive energy and strength and different natural stones have different specialties:

Amethyst stone has been one of the most popular and revered stones of the world throughout the centuries. Believed to be instrumental for the protection of its wearer, the purple color of the stone also brings attractiveness. Another revered purple stone is lapisluzili. 

Some beaded bracelets of the collection have the onyx stone, made up of different minerals and the pitch black color of the stone is ideal for the business settings. 

Beaded Bracelets and Healing

Some of these natural stones also have therapeutical and healing abilities. For example; Labradorite stone is believed to strengthen consciousness and lead to spiritual growth. 

For healing the negative thoughts and stress, tourmaline stone and agate stone are ideal ones. 

Coco Bracelet Men’s Bracelets are thus impressive and creative in terms of the motives and natural stones used. Coco Bracelet Men’s Bracelets have a unique design for all men and women who would like to feel the power, protection and creativity.

Various Options for Beaded Bracelets

There is a wide range of natural stones. Different, various colors and with different specialties, there is an ideal beaded bracelet for everybody. Fit for all the settings, there are different natural stones from hematite stone to the cat eyes stone, from tiger’s eye stone to sodalite stone and from lawastone to calsedonstone. 

Men’s bracelets with high quality solid silver motifs are fashionable classics for men with a specific sense of fashion. Knowing that men’s bracelets are necessary accessories for all men, Coco Bracelet offers exceptional men’s bracelets. 

Beaded Bracelets With Powerful Messages on Them

Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelet collection has different symbols all of which convey powerful messages. Inspired by the powerful animals of the world, lion and tiger motives create a powerful aura.

Ornamented with special natural stones, these beaded bracelets are ideal to feel control and strength. Both for men and women, these powerful and stylish bracelets are ideal to feel strong and display attractiveness. 

International Free Shipment

Feel free to do online shopping for classical Men’s Pendant Bracelets. Coco Bracelet provides free worldwide shipping for all men’s necklaces!

All of our products can be easily returned if our customers are not satisfied with them. Moreover, with our secure payment system, your shopping experience will be smooth and fast.