Men’s Beaded Necklaces

Men’s powerful and elegant style is a completion of men’s beaded necklaces with different stylistic features and core elements. Inspirational touches of Coco Bracelet make the contemporary metropolitan man reflect his energy, strength and passion. What makes men’s beaded necklaces mostly preferred is the nature of the beads as well as their modern interpretations by the brand’s professional designers. The most attractive three categories of men’s beaded necklaces are tiger eye beaded necklaces symbolizing energy, sodalite beaded necklaces representing empathy and the bright onyx beaded necklaces keeping the warrior’s soul forever.

Surviving in the desserts of matrix-like zones of business life or solving the complexity of tiresome relationships while trying to catch up with the timeliness of fast-tracking daily routines require great amounts of energy with full concentration and motivation. The fluctuations in your mood also need some kind of healing therapy or an aid to refresh your mind and soul. Tiger’s Eye crystal is just the key to what you have been looking for during those moments. Gazing at the shimmering stone of Tiger Eye crystal heals your soul and alleviates your stress by the light reflected around the stone. Tiger eye beaded necklaces give the same energy through the magnificent stone coming directly out of the nature. Tiger eye, which resembles a cat’s eye in shape and the gathering of glimmers, makes you focus on the most significant ideas and business topics if you put it on to complement your suit. The combination of Tiger’s Eye and Citrine used in various men’s beaded necklace designs let the energy of the powerful man come out for success during hard work-needed project tasks or just before a compelling debate among managers, investors and boards.

Another exclusive stone to complete your stylish look is sodalite and its most fascinating combination is seen in a sodalite beaded necklace. White Calcite, being the original material within this natural stone, gives that magnificent blue-grey color to it though yellow or green shades may also become visible in different proportions. Sodalite owes its name to the high concentration of sodium, yet high concentration of hermanite in the same crystal brings more pink-purple shades upon the stone. Why is sodalite beaded necklace popular among men’s beaded necklace products? The answer is in its meta-power to open the route for empathy, understanding and intuition. The secrets of talented personalities easily find the way to express their emotions in a more creative manner. Thus, the stone sodalite enhances the capacity to structure the man’s rhetoric and his persuasion capacity. Sodalite beaded necklaces are offered to complement the outwear of professional men carrying out public speaking activities, seminars, lectures or conferences as well as during client meetings and marketing-related tasks. Wearing a sodalite beaded necklace in harmony will also help the males to express their feelings to their partners during everyday talks.

Bright onyx is the third mostly selective stone among Cocobracelet branded men’s beaded necklaces. Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz, which is the source of its white-striped black color. It was used in ancient Roman and Greek shields, armors and swords to make the warriors battle and have a victory. The onyx is believed to transmit the blessings of the God so that its counterpart brownish Sardonyx is also associated with the Genesis and creation. With this deep historical and mythical background, bright onyx beaded necklace is widely preferred to combine the fashion of powerful men who are real warriors in professional and everyday life. As its black and brown colors represent more masculine styles, they easily find a place in a modern-looking man’s selected accessories.