Men’s Necklaces

Meet the special collection of Coco Bracelet men’s necklaces. Coco Bracelet Men’s Pendant Necklaces are perfect complimentary pieces for men with different interests in life. Combining different styles, Coco Bracelet manages to create a vast collection of men’s necklaces with diverse motifs.

Perfect for business settings and daily life, Coco Bracelet’s Men’s Pendant Necklaces are ideal for an elegant touch of style. This modern look is created with a combination of leather and gold necklaces with silver motives. 

Silver Pendant Men’s Necklaces for the Stylish Men 

First class Italian leather is used for leather necklaces with silver ornaments. Gold and Rose pendant models are 18-carat gold plated necklaces with silver motives. 

Coco Bracelet Men’s Necklaces are thus impressive and creative in terms of the motives used. Coco Bracelet Men’s Pendant Necklaces have a unique look for all men. 

Men’s Pendant Necklaces for the History Enthusiasts

Let’s start with history lovers: Some of the most powerful models of Coco Bracelet men’s necklaces are inspired by Egyptian and Mesopotamian symbols. In ancient times, men’s necklaces were symbols of power and prestige. Following the traditions, Coco Bracelet creates unique models of sterling silver necklaces in the shape of Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus motives. It is possible to choose between gunmetal and gold alternatives. With this necklace, you will constantly feel a mystical power.

Men’s Necklaces With Powerful Messages on Them

Some models of the Coco Bracelet are also inspired by one of the most powerful animals of the world: tigers! With the “eye of the tiger,” you will definitely feel invincible! 

Men with a passion of aiming higher and higher, Coco Bracelet Men’s Pendant Necklaces also have another classic motive: feather. For the free spirits, the feather motif enables constant independence… Considering the needs of these liberated souls, this model is specially designed and is 100 % handmade.

Timeless Men’s Necklaces 

Men with a special connection to the sea can express their passion with the unique models of anchor necklaces. With gunmetal and gold necklace alternatives, anchor motives are timeless and always stylish options. 

Another timeless classic: special oval necklaces with gold and gunmetal options! All men should have at least one model in their jewelry collection. 

Special Necklace Models for Men 

For your beloved one, Coco Bracelet’s Special Couple Necklace is the perfect option for a romantic gift. Plus, this model is 100 % handmade. This necklace is quite a special and romantic gesture for your other half.  

Special pendant necklaces with shield and sword motives are also perfect symbols for the stylish men. Men’s necklaces with high quality solid silver motifs are fashionable classics for men with a specific sense of fashion. 

In addition to leather and gold necklaces, it is also possible to prefer special cut beaded necklaces with solid silver carefully and specially designed ones.  Knowing that men’s pendant necklaces are necessary accessories for all men, Coco Bracelet offers exceptional men’s necklaces.

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