Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Coco Bracelet is proud to present its 100% hand-made specially designed beaded bracelet collection.

Silver bracelets are designed with utmost quality. Gold and Rose pendant models are 18-carat gold plated bracelets. Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelet collection is ideal for men and women who would like to feel special and different.

The unisex collection of Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelets are ideal complimentary accessories both for the business attire and casual clothes. 

The Power of the Natural Stones

Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelet collection has special ornaments. Natural stones used for the design of the bracelets are 100% natural and specially designed.

The powerful natural stones have been used for centuries both for protection and style. Natural stones enable positive energy and strength and different natural stones have different specialties:

Amethyst stone has been one of the most popular and revered stones of the world throughout the centuries. Believed to be instrumental for the protection of its wearer, the purple color of the stone also brings attractiveness. Another revered purple stone is lapisluzili. 

Some beaded bracelets of the collection have the onyx stone, made up of different minerals and the pitch black color of the stone is ideal for the business settings. 

Beaded Bracelets and Healing

Some of these natural stones also have therapeutical and healing abilities. For example; Labradorite stone is believed to strengthen consciousness and lead to spiritual growth. 

For healing the negative thoughts and stress, tourmaline stone and agate stone are ideal ones. 

Coco Bracelet Men’s Bracelets are thus impressive and creative in terms of the motives and natural stones used. Coco Bracelet Men’s Bracelets have a unique design for all men and women who would like to feel the power, protection and creativity.

Various Options for Beaded Bracelets

There is a wide range of natural stones. Different, various colors and with different specialties, there is an ideal beaded bracelet for everybody. Fit for all the settings, there are different natural stones from hematite stone to the cat eyes stone, from tiger’s eye stone to sodalite stone and from lawastone to calsedonstone. 

Men’s bracelets with high quality solid silver motifs are fashionable classics for men with a specific sense of fashion. Knowing that men’s bracelets are necessary accessories for all men, Coco Bracelet offers exceptional men’s bracelets. 

Beaded Bracelets With Powerful Messages on Them

Coco Bracelet’s beaded bracelet collection has different symbols all of which convey powerful messages. Inspired by the powerful animals of the world, lion and tiger motives create a powerful aura.

Ornamented with special natural stones, these beaded bracelets are ideal to feel control and strength. Both for men and women, these powerful and stylish bracelets are ideal to feel strong and display attractiveness. 

International Free Shipment

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