Leather Bracelet

Leather remains the indispensable accessory of men. The attractive and elegant view of leather looks very aesthetic on bracelets too. Cocobracelet’s mens leather bracelet models use the leather material very professionally and offer a quite stylish look. All the leather bracelets are 100% handmade so all men leather bracelet models have a unique and special design. The leather material are crafted from real Italian leather. Italian leather quality can be seen on entire leather bracelets models.

Mens leather bracelet designs have chain and clasp details. The chain of all the leather bracelets are adjustable so that you can make them fit your wrist perfectly. One of the most attractive side of the bracelets is that they are braided and decorated with metal details. Hand cut and hand braided leather bracelet have clasp and chain details like rose gold, silver or gunmetal. They have also optional choices like 18 carat gold-plated models. The style of these bracelets is elegant and masculine. They are in harmony with men’s wrists so they create a great alternative as a gift to your beloved. 

Pure and Attractive Black Leather Bracelets

Boys leather bracelets have various and attractive designs according to different styles. While some men would prefer simpler design without chain details, some others would like to wear flashy designs decorated with chain and metal details around. The ones who are likely to wear simple models would prefer braided bracelets of which chains are not visible. The appearance of these bracelets consists of 925 sterling silver clasp closure and the braided part. These leather silver bracelet models have 4 mm. braided real Italian leather and have different color options according to the personal preferences. Black leather bracelets are the one of the models which the men prefer the most. These black designs decorated with silver clasp details look provocatively, pure and stylish. They can be wear with any combination in any season.

Double Braided Bracelets for A Fuller View

If you want a fuller look on your wrist, double braided leather bracelets are just for you! In these models 100% handmade braided part is longer and double so the view looks more intense on the wrist. The men who want to look neither too plain nor too flashy choose these double braided leather bracelets. Clasps for leather bracelets are the details making the design very aesthetic. 925 sterling silver clasp closure on these bracelets are the one of the most preferred models. While making leather bracelets 4 mm. double braided black real leather is used. These spectacular leather bracelets have also dark blue and red color choice for those looking for a design outside of black. No matter what color the bracelets are designed, silver clasps always make the model unique.

The Bracelets Plated With Different Metals

Mens leather bracelet models have also the ones which are patterned gun metal chain. In these bracelets the chain is more visible and the handmade braided leather consists of the most of the design. Leather is 4 mm like other models and they have gunmetal plated 925 sterling silver clasp closure. These bracelets are adjustable for whole wrist sizes and they are 100% handmade. While some models are gunmetal plated, some others are oxide plated or rose gold plated. So if you would like to wear the bracelet with rose gold chain you can prefer the rose gold plated ones. The stylish bracelets have color options. These options are black, brown, dark blue and red.

For the men who want to look either simple or elegant Cocobracelet handmade leather bracelet models are very unique choices for the wrists. The company also offers shipment free of charge all over the world.