Lava Stone Bracelet

Lava stone is one of the oldest rocks you can see on the Earth, which is favored in many men’s accessories branded by Cocobracelet. It is utilized in various pieces to complement suits or casual jackets, t-shirts, and sweaters in a form of lava stone bracelet or a lava beaded necklace.

Being widely known as basalt, it comes from the center of the Earth, which means the origin is the magma in the center, having hardened by coming out to atmospheric temperature. Lava stone is a kind of solid mineral and naturally in dark grey or black color. These features make lava stone preferable to build up an endurable and well-looking element in many jewelry forms especially for men’s use. The shape and color well suited to classical styles while being also complementing more modern and metropolitan looks.

Cocobracelet models mostly favor lava stone beads in their designs focusing on lava stone beaded bracelets and lava beaded necklaces. Among the most fashionable models, tiger lava beaded and ball lava beaded forms emerge as widely preferred forms while special cut lava beaded bracelets are also trending in style. All the jewelry models with lava stone have a unique combination of other different precious or semi-precious stones such as silver, gold and some pendant elements in rose, gold colors. Lava stone necklaces are composed of the maximum amount of sterling silver as the basic material in the chain combining the beads or pendant figures. The gold-plated lava stone designs of the brand may also offer a variety of 18-carat gold to give the stiffness and strength to the chain.

What emerges in all these varieties of lava stone jewelry is not just the mineral’s strength but also the healing properties of the stone itself. Due to the origin in magma, the melted rock under huge temperature thresholds, lava stone meaning has always been associated with ¨fire¨. Coming out of such flameless heat with full energy, lava stone gets the power of stabilizing the chakra. As soon as it appears on the surface of the Earth which has so lower degrees compared to the core, the stone gets cooler and becomes ¨as solid as a rock¨. This transformation adds more to the lava stone meaning with reference to its roughness, resistance, and ability to soothe the fire. In other words, a new life gets rebirth. The raw energy in itself gives birth to calmness, dignity, and positivity.

Lava was accepted to symbolize two main elements of the body in ancient times that means fire and the Earth. With its meaning in enhancing the behaviors of different characters, it has been regarded as the symbol of two zodiac signs, Taurus and Scorpio. What helps the element become more popular is lava stone healing properties, some of which have been mentioned earlier. The ability to water the fire assists the person to calm the energy and stabilize his moods. This ability helps the person who wears lava stone end up the emotional struggle in the heart and relieves the stress. In order to ignite the healing power and maximize lava stone benefits, it is advised to be used with various essential oils. Lavender, the nice smelling flower, makes lava stone a sleep aid for the person who uses the combination. They both soothe the soul and the person gets asleep more quickly. Lemon, however, increases the positive energy of lava stone, gives charm to the person and uplifts the mood. These lava stone benefits are offered as small tips to Cocobracelet customers who would like to convert their accessories to the zone of healing.