Hematite Bracelet Mens

Hematite is one of the oldest rocks used both for its ornamental and healing characteristics. It is a popular kind of stone that originated from the Earth with the power of the soil. This semi-precious stone is branded by Cocobracelet in lots of its men’s accessories. It is utilized in varying forms as a valuable part of hematite bracelet men’s models to complete their professional and metropolitan looks.

Among the most stylistic Cocobracelet hematite jewelry designs are beaded and macramé bracelets. In models with hematite beads, there are different combinations of precious or semi-precious stones such as onyx, turquoise and lapis lazuli. In macramé bracelet forms, generally, 6 mm natural and special cut hematite stone is combined with any of them, just to activate the integrated energy. The gunmetal-plated sterling silver is used in these accessories as well as logo enameled balls.

In some of hematite gemstone products, 12 mm wax-coated black rope is preferred to build up the macramé; in other words, an elastic but strong chain is built to keep that metallic energy in the core. In selective hematite beaded bracelets, rose gold is also observed to complement natural hematite stone. The gold-plated designs of the Cocobracelet brand offer a variety of either 18-carat gold plated 925-sterling silver to reinforce the shiny and steer look of the brilliant beads. All hematite gemstone models are totally handmade. Thus, you are ensured that you have the value of handicrafts, designer’s taste, and the magnetic hematite energy.

What creates this value in these particular examples of men’s jewelry are certainly hematite stone properties. This dark grayish stone is associated with the power of the Earth, being the original source of it. Interestingly, in ancient times, hematite stone meaning was linked to the assumption of ¨blood stone¨. According to the historical studies, magnetic hematite was used to help as a healer: It was utilized to regulate the blood flow and relieve the pain. It is possible for the same purpose that the Romans had some hematite stone on their armors and weapons – just to make the warriors feel the relief from pain on the bones, fractures and tendon aches during the battles while soothing before achieving the ultimate victory.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this crystalline stone is about the hematite metaphysical properties very related to its changing color. Although the element possesses a grayish-black color, it is usually known as brownish-red. When the stone is taken out of the soil, it is usually covered with rust due to the great quantity of iron in the composition. This brownish-red color is associated with that rust and metaphysically associated with blood, the energy of the soul. After the rust is being swept out, its grayish color emerges, so does its soothing impact appear on the person’s hypertension.

The healing properties of hematite stones are acknowledged not only in physical terms but also in emotional and spiritual understanding. Its hypertension regulatory and pain reliever characteristics make up the core of hematite healing properties while the positive energy pumped up to the brain and mind gets the credit of hematite stone benefits. It is like a harmonizing element between mind and soul. Hematite stone is credited to feed up the logical and mathematical skills while sharpening the rationale against highly concentrated emotional imperfections.

So, how does a gentleman maximize the hematite stone benefits when using the stone in jewelry? In fact, it is a perfect aid if you are in the finance business as it sharpens your mathematical skills. It is helpful for managers who are always in need of getting concentrated on critical decisions. Hematite stone is not just a special accessory for a lawyer who tries to make the logical argumentation perfectly during a debate or against a jury. And the last but not the least, this magnetic healer is a nice soother for the lovers with a broken heart or in need of a peacemaking negotiator to get rid of the stress of a climactic relationship. These hematite stone benefits are offered as small favors to Cocobracelet users and customers who would like to feel the challenging power of the stone in their stylish accessories.