Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone favored in many jewelry models branded Cocobracelet style. It is utilized either as the main element of a jewelry piece or a complementary part in accessories. With its purple coloring and white vibes, amethyst stone easily suits any accessory with different palettes. From amethyst bracelets to crystal pointed necklaces, from amethyst tumble stones to stone eggs, from hand craved bowls to healing-type pendant accessories and tiny beads, amethyst goods can be seen in any form and for any use. What unifies all these varieties is the strong meaning of amethyst healing features.

For centuries, amethyst has become the primary means of healing rituals. The power to stimulate the mind and soothe high emotions has made amethyst strongly preferred element in ceremonial clothes and accessories. The ancients re-named it a “Gem of Fire” corresponding it to the four main elements of the human body. During Roman times, amethyst was associated with February, the month the Romans dedicated to Neptune, the water-god. Therefore it is accepted as the birthstone of February. During the Middle Ages, this precious stone became the symbol of St. Valentine’s faithful love which transformed it into the ¨Bishop’s Stone¨ reminding the ecclesiastical dignity of the saints and bishops. This spiritual link empowers the associations of temperance, sobriety, and dignity in amethyst meaning.

Originally, amethyst is a variety of quartz that can be found commonly on the Earth. The composition of manganese in clear quartz produces Amethyst, while additional amounts of iron determine the depth of purple coloring; ranging from pale red-violet to deep violet. Natural amethyst stone can be either transparent or opaque. The layers of cacoxenite and citrine may give white shades to the opaque purple.

The name ¨Amethyst¨ derives from the Greek word ametusthos, which means “not intoxicated” reminding the mythical decree of the wine god Bacchus after getting angry over an insult. His decree was to make his first encounter to be devoured by his tigers but poor Bacchus had to retain his promise after he met the beautiful maiden Amethyst. She was saved by the Goddess Diana, who transformed her into a white crystal stone. Bacchus was very sad that he poured his grape juice on the beautiful gem to give the purple color to Amethyst.

In the Middle Ages, it was worn on a ring by Catholic bishops in order to use amethyst as a shield against mystical intoxication of bodily temptation. Spiritually, amethyst is reputed for its control over evil thoughts, enhancing the mind, sharpening the intelligence and releasing the negative energy. Amethyst jewelry was used by warriors to achieve victory and by travelers as self-protection from treachery and robbery.

Amethyst is an exceptional crystal for wearing as the traditional amethyst healing properties are still remarkable associations of the beautiful stone. The meditative power in the unpolished amethyst has the ability to recharge the energy of other natural stones if they are kept together in a vault. In addition to these characteristics, amethyst jewelry needs intimate care of the user to reload its energy upon the body and to refresh its shining glamour. Amethyst stone is able to fade in direct sunlight, thus the users should take care of this wonderful-looking stone in their closets and drawers, gently. However, it is also recommended to hold your amethyst bracelet under running water from time to time to get it cleared from dust and refresh its healing power. Of course, during this cleaning ritual, you should pay attention to the gold plated or sterling parts of your jewelry in order not to cause any corrosion on them.

Keeping the mystic and healing character of amethyst, all Cocobracelet amethyst jewelry models have the highest composition of sterling silver as the basic material in the chain combining amethyst beads or pendant figures. The fashionable designs of the brand’s amethyst bracelets also offer a variety of 18-carat golden plated models. Shipping is free of charge for Coocbracelet customers all around the world and online shopping for amethyst products is safe and easy on the user-friendly system.