Agate Stone Bracelet

Agate stone, also known as imperishable stone, has gained importance in time thanks to both its aesthetic beauty and the energy it spread to the environment. It is believed that the meaning of the “agate” word comes from the Achates River on Sicily, which is an island in Italy and the origin of the word comes from the name of the river.

With its quite valuable features, agate stone is actually one of the most found stones in the world. Thus, it has always been one of the most popular and most preferred stones in many parts of the world with its extraordinary appearance that creates a group of rings with various colors around a center area.

Agate stone, which offers unlimited options with different shades of color, is obtained in nature and they are converted into agate stone beads after going through a few specific and sequential processes. Then, the agate stone turns into a bracelet with a personalized design and helps people wearing the bracelet to get the right energy they need in life.

When choosing an agate stone bracelet or agate slice bracelet, there is a very easy way to understand whether an agate stone is real or not. The rings in a real agate stone are distributed uniformly and have very sharp color limits. Thanks to this method, agate stone beads can be checked and a correct, original agate bracelet or agate slice bracelet can easily be understood.

Agate stone, which can be found in nature, come to the fore with different shades of color. However, agate stone with a reddish and orangish color is one of the most common stones amongst them. For this reason, agate stone beads with these colors can be found more than green, black and blue ones.

Agate stone has a very strong energy and protects its user with this energy in a spiritual way. The Tibetan Agate, which protects and balances the user of the agate stone, brings good luck to the user and helps with the user’s health problems while Black Agate removes negative energy from the user’s mind and body and help to keep everything in balance.

In addition to the Tibetan agate and Black agate stones, there is also the Bloodstone in the agate stone family and it increases life energy by strengthening the user’s durability. Tigers agate stone is a good stone of luck and creates a different flow of energy in the user’s body by connecting her/him with courage and personal strength.

Although agate stone beads are one of the most popular natural stone accessories, the agate slice bracelet also follows its popularity. Unlike Beads, the agate slice bracelet, designed as a single and large stone rather than having many beads in it, makes the beauty of its stone more prominent. Thus, agate slice bracelets have become popular.

Agate bracelets stand out with their unique and beautiful structures and each stone is perfect in its way. They can balance your energy during the day. The agate bracelet suits wonderfully both women and men who wants to feel assertive and different thanks to its stylish and personalized appearance. These handmade bracelets are designed with personalized natural stones and they take part in the category of Cocobracelet’s patented special products with the opportunity of free shipping to the whole world.